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  • Wondering what Mary will like next

    Even in a great economy it can be tricky to find ways to encourage the consumer to buy more. The last thing you want to seem is pushy or desperate, but at the same time there needs to be some sort of call to action to get the customer interested ...

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  • 5 Rules for Your ’10 Copywriting

    It's a new year, which for a lot of businesses means it's time to re-think your marketing and bust out some fresh ideas. In fact, some of you out there may already be working on your '11 strategies -- we feel for you.The question is: how will you keep your writing interesting without rehashing the same old stuff from 2009?Around the office, a few of us have come up a few ...

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  • Cute and clever copy? Or off the mark?

    Say you're a bourbon drinker. Or liquor-store owner. You like going to bars and eating out. You're flipping through a magazine and you come across this ad, created by the team at Doe Anderson.   The text at the bottom reads: Due to the hard work of bars, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout the country, Knob Creek has becoming the #1 Super-Premium bourbon in America. As a result, ...

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  • ‘Try postive thinking’ – it really works.

    "Stimulus" is played out."Confidence" has lost its meaning."Economy" is practically a four-letter word.Not sure about you, but some of us are a little tired of hearing about how bad things are from companies who are merely trying to sell us the same stuff they always have. Kudos to Volkswagen and DDB London for finally figuring out a way to address the same issue without resorting to doom and gloom. ...

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  • Direct-Response Copywriting Tip #421

    Use an expiration date. Okay, actually, this tip should probably be in the top 10 for direct-response copywriting, not #421, but who's really counting anyway? An expiration date is incredibly important, absolutely necessary, and crucial for maximum response rates.Unlike the expiration date on a carton of milk, a fast-approaching expiration date on a promotion actually makes people want to buy your product or respond. (Right now.) ...

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