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  • Welcome to the New Copy Army

    Back in 2007, Copy Army was still just getting off the ground. Less army, more guy in a Queens apartment. At the time, we didn't have many resources for designing our website. But we knew we just wanted something simple and fun. Without any professional designers on staff, we found our inspiration in a somewhat unexpected place ... Pizza Hut. Hey, it was colorful ... professional ... and a bit cheesy (pun intended), but it made ...

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  • Is SEO copywriting hurting your image?

    When you talk to someone, do you mention the same word after every 10 words out of your mouth? Let's hope not, for your sake. So, why would you do it on your website? Today's SEO experts recommend a keyword density of up to 10 percent, depending on the amount of content on your page. That basically means you would repeat one keyword or phrase until it makes up 10% of all text ...

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  • Is your copywriting promising too much?

    Behind every great marketing piece is a copywriting service, copywriter or designer who had to create the whole thing from scratch. It doesn't matter if you used your in-house creative staff or outsourced the project. Somebody somewhere took the details of the project and used their creative liberties to make your business sound great -- as any copywriting service should do. It's during this writing process that some of the best ideas ...

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  • As fast as you think.

    Since we love any kind of play on words, we can't get enough of these ads for Google Chrome ...Also, check out their Valentine's Day and football versions.

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  • Try Something Different

    Do you have a new product that you are trying to launch, but it's so unique to your market that you don't know how to sell it without overly explaining it? Sometimes a colorful and bizarre image combined with some great copy is all you need to get your point across.Take this ad created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York for Skittles' new candy, Fizzl'd Fruit. Now Skittles is a brand that is no stranger ...

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